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A Play in Seven Acts

Dramatis Personae


  BHARATA, nicknamed All-tamer, his son.

  MADHAVYA, a clown, his companion.

  His charioteer.

  RAIVATAKA, a door-keeper.

  BHADRASENA, a general.

  KARABHAKA, a servant.

  PARVATAYANA, a chamberlain.

  SOMARATA, a chaplain.

  KANVA, hermit-father.


  SHARADVATA    } his pupils.

  HARITA        }

  DURVASAS, an irascible sage.

  The chief of police.

  SUCHAKA     }
              } policemen.
  JANUKA      }

  A fisherman.

  SHAKUNTALA, foster-child of Kanva.

  ANUSUVA       }
                } her friends.

  GAUTAMI, hermit-mother.

  KASHYAPA, father of the gods.

  ADITI, mother of the gods.

  MATALI, charioteer of heaven's king.

  GALAVA, a pupil in heaven.

  MISHRAKESHI, a heavenly nymph.

Stage-director and actress (in the prologue), hermits and hermit-women, two court poets, palace attendants, invisible fairies.

The first four acts pass in Kanva's forest hermitage; acts five and six in the king's palace; act seven on a heavenly mountain. The time is perhaps seven years.