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"The Hindu Jove or Jupiter Tonans, chief of the secondary deities. He presides over swarga or paradise, and is more particularly the god of the atmosphere and winds. He is also regent of the east quarter of the sky. As chief of the deities he is called Devapati, Devadeva, Surapati, etc.; as lord of the atmosphere Divaspati; as lord of the eight Vasus or demigods, Fire, etc., Vásava; as breaking cities into fragments, Purandara, Puranda; as lord of a hundred sacrifices (the performance of a hundred Asvamedhas elevating the sacrificer to the rank of Indra) Satakratu, Satamakha; as having a thousand eyes, Sahasráksha; as husband of Sachí, Sachípati. His wife is called Sachí, Indrání, Sakrání, Maghoni, Indrasakti, Pulomajá, and Paulomí. His son is Jayanta. His pleasure garden or elysium is Nandana; his city, Amarávatí; his palace, Vaijayanta; his horse, Uchchaihsravas, his elephant, Airávata; his charioteer, Mátali."

PROFESSOR M. WILLIAMS'S English-Sanskrit Dictionary. Indra.