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Kishkindha Kanda, Canto XL. The Army Of The East, Page 372.

The names of peoples occurring in the following slokas are omitted in the metrical translation:

"Go to the Brahmamálas,(1041) the Videhas,(1042) the Málavas,(1043) the Kásikosalas,(1044) the Mágadnas,(1045) the Pundras,(1046) and the Angas,(1047) and the land of the weavers of silk, and the land of the mines of silver, and the hills that stretch into the sea, and the towns and the hamlets that are about the top of Mandar, and the Karnaprávaranas,(1048) and the Oshthakarnakas,(1049) and the Ghoralohamukhas,(1050) and the swift Ekapádakas,(1051) and the strong imperishable Eaters of Men, and the Kirátas(1052) with stiff hair-tufts, men like gold and fair to look upon: And the Eaters of Raw Fish, and the Kirátas who dwell in islands, and the fierce Tiger-men(1053) who live amid the waters."