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  1. A marvelous little multicolored drugget that covers the rough and splintered floor of reality.
  2. A haunted chateau.
  3. A vestibule between Time and Eternity.
  4. The giant enemy of reality.
  5. The red Pantheon of Lucifer.
  6. The candle-gleam of science; the flambeau of the lover; the constellated nebulæ of the poet.
  7. The glittering west-dust of a hidden innominate sun.
  8. The seigniory of untrammeled instincts; the fief of unsanctified dreams; the palfrey that carries us toward nebulous spiritual hills.
  9. The plasma of gods.
  10. Puck strapped to the back of Balaam's ass.
  11. The Shakespeare of mental faculties.
  12. The avatar of the emotions.
  13. A golden key that unlocks the bastile of logic.
  14. A ladder to the fourth dimension.
  15. A sublime liar.
  16. Taking the halter off your thoughts and giving them a good kick behind.
  17. Sympathy illumined by brains.