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  1. A reward given to infidels and atheists by a somewhat humorous God, for not groveling before Him and annoying Him with importunities.
  2. A system of punishment for suicides, which makes suicide impossible, thereby putting one over on the ingrate who was tired of the gift of life, by compelling him to live forever, willy-nilly.
  3. A valueless thing, because unlimited in quantity, which those hotly intent upon achieving will forfeit through the law which provides that that for which we clutch we lose.
  4. A condition sought by political officeholders where the incumbent never either dies or resigns.
  5. A state of being encouraged by annuitants, and those who live in the Garden of Allah-Money.
  6. A flimflam offer by a theologian of inchoate title to improved real estate in the Sky for real estate, rentals and cash on Earth.
  7. A doctrine that the rich teach the poor for good and sufficient reasons.
  8. Divine Compensation for the starving.
  9. A superfluous addition to life; to go on living after one desires and hopes to remain dead.