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  1. Particeps criminis.
  2. The head and front of our offending.
  3. Polonius Pecksniff, who plays Bottom for a stipend.
  4. A chaste, honorable, virtuous person whose private life is made inviolable by the libel laws.
  5. A prickly sensation in the back of Folly and Revelry.
  6. The culmination, zenith, equator and pediment of self-sufficient mediocrity.
  7. A crow's-nest from which one may see the perpetually receding horizons of the Governorship and the Presidency.
  8. A chef of morality.
  9. Any person afflicted with primary, secondary or tertiary holiness.
  10. A palm-reader.
  11. A nebulous cluster of thought-embryons resolved into a gaseous state.
  12. The nosebag of public decency.
  13. The alter ego of organized cant.
  14. The critic of impure reason.
  15. Lobster emeritus.
  16. A person who takes an oath to love, honor and obey Tartuffe.