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  1. A sincere, sentimental, beneficent theory, which has but one objection, and that is, it will not work.
  2. A plan by which the inefficient, irresponsible, ineffective, unemployable and unworthy will thrive without industry, persistence or economy.
  3. An earnest effort to get Nature to change the rules for the benefit of those who are tired of the Game.
  4. A social and economic scheme of government by which man shall loiter rather than labor.
  5. A survival of the unfit.
  6. A device for swimming without going near the H{2}O..
  7. Participation in profits without responsibility as to deficits.
  8. An arrangement for destroying initiative, invention, creation and originality.
  9. Resolutions passed by a committee as a substitute for work.
  10. A sentiment which encouraged and evolved would lead to revolution, with dynamiting and destruction as a prominent and recognized part of its propaganda.
  11. A system for turning water into wine, kerosene into oyster-soup, and boulders into bread, by passing resolutions.