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  1. A sunset by Turner.
  2. A stained-glass window through which one may see an ironic moon.
  3. The final link in a chain of chalk.
  4. To rise from the illusion of pursuit to the disillusion of possession.
  5. An inability to further fletcherize.
  6. Giving up the fight, being possessed of the fallacy that you have won.
  7. Death's lullaby.
  8. The accomplishment of one's best.
  9. To write your name high upon the outhouse of a country tavern.
  10. A constant sense of discontent, broken by brief periods of satisfaction on doing some specially good piece of work.
  11. A matter of outliving your sins.
  12. A subtle connivance of Nature for bringing about a man's defeat.
  13. The realization of the estimate which you place upon yourself.
  14. Voltage under control--keeping one hand on the transformer of your Kosmic Kilowatts.
  15. A matter of the red corpuscle.
  16. The thing that spoils many a good failure.
  17. Something that is hideous to all but its victims.