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Poem LIV

I. 112. s'untâ nahî dhun kî khabar

Have you not heard the tune which the Unstruck Music is playing?
  In the midst of the chamber the harp of joy is gently and
  sweetly played; and where is the need of going without to hear
If you have not drunk of the nectar of that One Love, what boots
  it though you should purge yourself of all stains?
The Kazi is searching the words of the Koran, and instructing
  others: but if his heart be not steeped in that love, what does
  it avail, though he be a teacher of men?
The Yogi dyes his garments with red: but if he knows naught of
  that colour of love, what does it avail though his garments be
Kabîr says: "Whether I be in the temple or the balcony, in the
  camp or in the flower garden, I tell you truly that every
  moment my Lord is taking His delight in me."