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Poem LXI

I. 48. sukh sâgar men âîke

When at last you are come to the ocean of happiness, do not go
  back thirsty.
Wake, foolish man! for Death stalks you. Here is pure water
  before you; drink it at every breath.
Do not follow the mirage on foot, but thirst for the nectar;
Dhruva, Prahlad, and Shukadeva have drunk of it, and also Raidas
  has tasted it:
The saints are drunk with love, their thirst is for love.
Kabîr says: "Listen to me, brother! The nest of fear is broken.
Not for a moment have you come face to face with the world:
You are weaving your bondage of falsehood, your words are full of
With the load of desires which you. hold on your head, how can
  you be light?"
Kabîr says: "Keep within you truth, detachment, and love."