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Poem XLI

I. 76. santo, sahaj samâdh bhalî

O sadhu! the simple union is the best. Since the day when I met
  with my Lord, there has been no end to the sport of our love.
I shut not my eyes, I close not my ears, I do not mortify my
I see with eyes open and smile, and behold His beauty everywhere:
I utter His Name, and whatever I see, it reminds me of Him;
  whatever I do., it becomes His worship.
The rising and the setting are one to me; all contradictions are
Wherever I go, I move round Him,
All I achieve is His service:
When I lie down, I lie prostrate at His feet.

He is the only adorable one to me: I have none other.
My tongue has left off impure words, it sings His glory day and
Whether I rise or sit down, I can never forget Him; for the
  rhythm of His music beats in my ears.
Kabîr says: "My heart is frenzied, and I disclose in my soul what
  is hidden. I am immersed in that one great bliss which
  transcends all pleasure and pain."