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II. 87. Kabîr kab se bhaye vairâgî

Gorakhnath asks Kabîr:
"Tell me, O Kabîr, when did your vocation begin? Where did your
  love have its rise?"
Kabîr answers:
"When He whose forms are manifold had not begun His play: when
  there was no Guru, and no disciple: when the world was not
  spread out: when the Supreme One was alone--
Then I became an ascetic; then, O Gorakh, my love was drawn to
Brahma did not hold the crown on his head; the god Vishnu was not
  anointed as king; the power of Shiva was still unborn; when I
  was instructed in Yoga.

I became suddenly revealed in Benares, and Râmânanda illumined
I brought with me the thirst for the Infinite, and I have come
  for the meeting with Him.
In simplicity will I unite with the Simple One; my love will
  surge up.
O Gorakh, march thou with His music!"