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I. 36. sûr parkâs', tanh rain kahân pâïye

Where is the night, when the sun is shining? If it is night,
  then the sun withdraws its light. Where knowledge is, can
  ignorance endure?
If there be ignorance, then knowledge must die.
If there be lust, how can love be there? Where there is love,
  there is no lust.

Lay hold on your sword, and join in the fight. Fight, O my
  brother, as long as life lasts.
Strike off your enemy's head, and there make an end of him
  quickly: then come, and bow your head at your King's Durbar.
He who is brave, never forsakes the battle: he who flies from it
  is no true fighter.
In the field of this body a great war goes forward, against
  passion, anger, pride, and greed:
It is in the kingdom of truth, contentment and purity, that this
  battle is raging; and the sword that rings forth most loudly is
  the sword of His Name.
Kabîr says: "When a brave knight takes the field, a host of
  cowards is put to flight.
It is a hard fight and a weary one, this fight of the
  truth-seeker: for the vow of the truth-seeker is more hard than
  that of the warrior, or of the widowed wife who would follow her
For the warrior fights for a few hours, and the widow's struggle
  with death is soon ended:
But the truth-seeker's battle goes on day and night, as long as
  life lasts it never ceases."