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Chapter 2: Causes of the New Spirit in India

Apart from the natural exchange of thought between East and West, the influence of English education, literature and ideals, the effect of travel in Europe, Japan and the United States of America, and other recognised causes for the changed outlook in India, there have been special forces at work during the last few years to arouse a New Spirit in India, and to alter her attitude of mind. These may be summed up as:

  1. The Awakening of Asia.
  2. Discussions abroad on Alien Rule and Imperial Reconstruction.
  3. Loss of Belief in the Superiority of the White Races.
  4. The Awakening of Indian Merchants.
  5. The Awakening of Indian Womanhood to claim its Ancient Position.
  6. The Awakening of the Masses.

Each of these causes has had its share in the splendid change of attitude in the Indian Nation, in the uprising of a spirit of pride of country, of independence, of self-reliance, of dignity, of self-respect. The War has quickened the rate of evolution of the world, and no country has experienced the quickening more than our Motherland.