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Across Coveted Lands: A Journey From Flushing (Holland) to Calcutta, Overland

Mr. Savage Lanbor's two volumes deal with his travels over Persia from the Caspian vid Teheran to Ispahan and Kerman, and thence across the Salt Desert to Seistan, whence he made the journey to Nushki and Quetta, of which Mr. Penton and Lord llonaldshay have recently lectured and written. Mr. Landor, however, gives a very detailed account of the route, which should prove of considerable value, and he does not hesitate to criticise the geographical work of some of his predecessors, notably of that distinguished officer, Sir Thomas Holdich, who will, no doubt, prove equal to the task of defending himself.

Across Coveted Lands


A Journey From Flushing (Holland) to Calcutta, Overland


A. Henry Savage Landor

with 175 Illustrations, Diagrams, Plans and Maps by Author

In Two Volumes Vol. I

London Macmillan and Co., Limited 1902

All rights reserved

Richard Clay and Sons, Limited, London and Bungay

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