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Udyoga Parva

The Udyoga Parva is the fifth Parva of the Mahabharata, abounding with incidents appertaining to war and peace. It covers the preparations for war (udyoga means effort or work).

According to the Parvasangraha adhyaya (section) of the Adi Parva, Vyasa had composed 186 sections in this Parva. The number of slokas composed in this Parva by the maharshi Vyasa is 6698. The well-known Viduraniti is embedded in this parva. Viduraniti was told by minister Vidura to king Dhritarashtra just before the commencement of the Kurukshetra War.

The Sanatsujatiya, a text commented upon by Adi Shankara, is contained within the Udyoga Parva (Adhyaya 41-46).