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Hira Singh's Tale: When India Came to Fight in Flanders

Hira Singh (or Hira Singh : When India Came to Fight in Flanders) is a short novel by Talbot Mundy, originally published (under the title Hira Singh's Tale) as a four-part serial in Adventure Magazine in October and November 1917, and published in book form in 1918 by Cassell (London) and Bobbs-Merrill (Indianapolis). The hero of the story is a Sikh officer, Ranjoor Singh, an earlier adventure of whom is recounted in the novel The Winds of the World.


Hira Singh's Tale
When India Came to Fight in Flanders
Talbot Mundy

With a frontispiece by Joseph Clement Coll

Serialized in Adventure magazine, October 18 - December 3, 1917
First book edition published by Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis, 1918

Annotated by Roy Glashan

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