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Birds of the Indian Hills

Douglas Dewar (1875-1957) was a barrister, British civil servant in India and an ornithologist. He wrote widely in newspapers such as the The Madras Mail, Pioneer, Times of India and periodicals such as the Civil and Military Gazette and Bird Notes. He was a creationist and in 1957 he wrote The Transformist Illusion in which he attempted to show the failure of evolution using examples such as the probability of proteins arising out of random mixing and blood group incompatibilities, many of the objections that were pointed out as incorrect by reviewers. His works include: Birds of the Indian Hills (1915) and A Bird Calendar for Northern India (1916).

A companion volume to the bird volumes of "The Fauna Of British India"

London: John Lane, The Bodley Head
New York: John Lane Company
Toronto: Bell & Cockburn


Printed by BALLANTYNE, HANSON & CO. at the Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh

Considerable portions of this book have already appeared as articles in one or other of the following newspapers or periodicals: The Pioneer, Madras Mail, Englishman, Indian Field, Bird Notes. I am indebted to the editors of the above publications for permission to republish the portions of the book that have already appeared in print.

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