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Chapter 15: Bhida. Sympathy of Monks with the Pilgrims.

After they had crossed the river, there was a country named Pe-t'oo,(1) where Buddhism was very flourishing, and (the monks) studied both the mahayana and hinayana. When they saw their fellow-disciples from Ts'in passing along, they were moved with great pity and sympathy, and expressed themselves thus: "How is it that these men from a border-land should have learned to become monks,(2) and come for the sake of our doctrines from such a distance in search of the Law of Buddha?" They supplied them with what they needed, and treated them in accordance with the rules of the Law.

  1. Bhida. Eitel says, "The present Punjab;" i.e. it was a portion of that.
  2. "To come forth from their families;" that is, to become celibates, and adopt the tonsure.