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By-ways of Bombay

Preface to the first edition

The various chapters of this book originally appeared under the nom-de-plume of "Etonensis" in the Times of India, to the proprietors of which journal I am indebted for permission to publish them in book-form, They cannot claim to be considered critical studies, but are merely a brief record of persons whom I have met and of things that I have seen during several years' service as a Government official in Bombay. In placing them before the public in their present form, I can only hope that they will be found of brief interest by those unacquainted with the inner life of the City of Bombay.

Head Police Office,
Bombay, June 1912.
S. M. E.

Preface to the second edition

The first edition of "By-ways of Bombay" having been sold out within a month, Messrs Taraporevala Sons and Co. have interested themselves in publishing the present edition which includes several illustrations by Mr. M. V. Dhurandhar and an additional article on the Tilak Riots which appeared in the _Bombay Gazette_ in August, 1908. My acknowledgments are due to the Editor for permission to republish this article.

Head Police Office,
Bombay, November 1912.
S. M. Edwardes.

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